Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We've got a scooter!

When we put Makenna down for tummy time now, she no longer stays put! I'm not sure if she is trying to move forward or roll over or what, but she definitely is scooting on her head!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 Months Old

Now that Makenna is three months old, she is really starting to become her own little person with quite the personality. She smiles and squeels when she is happy, and pouts out her bottom lip when she isn't.

Some of her newest "tricks" include:

She can stick out her tongue as far as it goes

Gives kisses (or trys to eat your face)

Her hair continues to grow (slowly) and still has us guessing at what color it will eventually be; red, brown, blonde, strawberry blonde?!

She stares at her feet

Doesnt like that bath so much...

She has found her hands and they are ALWAYS in her mouth

She can suck her fingers (3-4 at a time), and sometimes prefers them over the pacifier

She can *almost* laugh, but it comes out as silly sound instead

Reaches out to touch her toys and can hold onto her rattle

She can take a bottle again!

And she is now big enough to go to daycare (mommy's trying to have positive thoughts about this...)

Attempt at some Easter pictures...

Makenna and I met up with some girlfriends to take some Easter pictures of the babies. Ashley's grandpa was so nice to let us come over and use his field for the backdrop. His field is filled with HUGE Easter eggs, along with a giant Easter basket. When we got there, Makenna clearly needed her afternoon nap. So I let her snooze while the other kiddos got their pictures taken. After she woke up, I tried putting her in the basket (but she didnt enjoy that too much!). After a few minutes, she got hot, hungry, and cranky (as did all of us!). Oh well, it was fun trying!

Going to the beach!

It was such a nice weekend with the sun shinning. I was so excited to finally take Makenna to my favorite place on earth....The Cabin! She got to spend the entire day with grandma and grandpa and show them all of her newest tricks. She also met great-grandma for the first time. We will be spending many more weekends at the beach. Cant wait for this summer!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Bunny!

Makenna met the Easter Bunny today. We couldn't get her to smile, but at least she wasn't crying!