Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bath time!

Yikes! I've been a blog slacker!

Anyway, Makenna is LOVING her new bath toys that she got from her birthday. This present was the only duplicate that we got (actually we received 3 of them) and now I know why! These toys keep Makenna entertained for...well...hours if we would let her stay in the tub for that long :) She starts shriveling up after about 30 mins or so, so we take her out, and boy does she scream to let us know that she wasn't finished playing yet!

These pictures are from tonight. Makenna got a bath. And so did Patches...

Trying to take a pic of her wrinkly toes, but isn't that tush cute too? :)

Playing in the water with Daddy

Okay, this is where Patches sits every time Makenna bathes.

"Ahhhh! The keety ca!!!!"

....and that's how Patches ended up in the bathtub!
(Yah, I know the colors of these pictures are kind of strange. I'm trying to learn photoshop...)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1st Birthday!

Makenna's Winter ONEderland birthday! Thank you to all our family and family friends for joining us to celebrate our little snowflake's big day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A year ago today....

On this day last year, at 7:37am, we were blessed with the most amazing gift in the entire universe. Makenna Clair has brought more joy, love, and entertainment into our lives then we could have ever imagined. On our worse days, she always manages to bring smiles back to our faces and gives us a brighter outlook on the future to come. It cracks us to see that no matter if she is in a room with just us or 50 people, all the attention is on her. She makes sure of it! She is feisty, hilarious, smart, determined, and ohhhh soooo adorable. She is her daddy's daughter for sure. Don't mess with her when she is tired or hungry! She is just like her mommy and loves every animal she sees. It's a good thing the new kittens enjoy her too, as she carries them around the house by their necks! We can't remember life before her and never want to be without her. Daddy says she is never going to be allowed to get married and leave us!
Happy birthday baby girl, We love you!!!!!