Sunday, January 30, 2011

Xmas in Hawaii

We spent Christmas in Maui with the Shore Family! It was a wonderful week, with beautiful weather, and lots of time spent relaxing on the beach.

Here are just some of the highlights of our vacation:

Family Picture--Lynn, Doug, Boe, Brooke, Mike, Laura, & Makenna
Mile Marker 14 Beach

Makenna loved spending time in the pool with Nana and Daddy

We saw some amazing sunrises and sunsets

Playing at Black Rock Beach

J.T Flemming Beach

Charter Fishing Boat Trip--And I didn't puke!! Boe did though ;) It was a long two hour trip out into the dark, rough seas. I sat in the "fighting chair" the entire time. It was the one place on the boat where I could focus on the horizon at all times. I made the mistake of going to the bathroom down in the cabin and that almost did me in. Once we made it to the first and second buoy, the water began to calm down and the sun started shinning. Fishing was a little slow but we caught a Mahi Mahi by trolling and a bunch of little tunas at the buoys. The 2 hour trip back to land, was much nicer and we even saw a few whales up close!

Road to Hana--We made it to mile 30 something, I think? And, again, I didn't even puke! However, I hogged the front seat and stared out the window the entire way. We stopped for a little hike to some waterfalls and then spent some time at a little beach.

Makenna had just fallen asleep as we pulled into the first parking lot at mile 2, so Mike ended up carrying a sleeping baby for the 3 mile hike. Here he is looking really happy about it. She woke up just as we got to the falls and was able to join in the fun.

Makena Beach--This is where we found the sea turtles. Probably my favorite part of the entire vacation. I've never swam with a turtle before...let alone swimming with six, HUGE ones! Some were bigger than me, Mike guesses they weighed around 400lbs. So beautiful. We all took turns snorkeling and playing on the beach with Kenna.
Before heading off to the airport, we stopped at Iao Valley state park and looked at some pretty neat waterfalls, trees, plants, and a gorgeous view.

What a wonderful week in paradise. Can't wait to plan our next vacation!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


We were able to sneak in some pictures of my newphew Josiah on Christmas eve. He was only ten days old here and oh so sweet.