Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa pictures!

Makenna was totally into Santa...until I placed her on his lap. She was NOT having it. She arched her back, stuck out that adorable pouty lip and tried her hardest to get away from Santa.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

11 months old!

Only 1 more month until Makenna is a year old! How did that happen? Holy cow! I can't even begin to describe how much joy and laughter this girl gives us everyday. She is a hoot!

*She just started doing "Sooo Big!" It is THE cutest thing ever! I ask her, "How big is Makenna?" and she raises both of her arms up in the air, with the biggest smile from ear to ear, to show us just how big she is.

*She is doing a lot of standing without holding onto anything. She has even tried transitioning from couch to couch without holding on....most of the time she is unsuccessful and ends up crawling the rest of the way over, but she is getting more and more confident with this "walking" stuff.

*We are excited to say that Makenna has learned to turn! Finally! She can now motor up and down the hallway with her walker without getting stuck and throwing a fit!

*Her top left tooth *just* broke through last week and she is working on a couple of more. She is drooling more then a saint bernard these days.

*She tips her head side-to-side while eating in her high chair to show just how cute she is. She loves being the center of attention, that is for sure.

*Makenna enjoys sharing her lunch with Livy. She giggles every time she drops her cracker off of her tray.

*Tampons, toilet paper, and flushing the toilet are a few of her favorite things. We now keep the bathroom door shut at all times!

*Santa is scary! and so is his rocking horse. I don't think we got very many smiles during our Santa and holiday picture photo shoot....we'll see. I should get them back sometime next week!