Friday, September 18, 2009

Fair Time!

8 months!

What a busy little girl we have these days. She is now full on crawling anywhere and everywhere she wants to go. If she wants to go fast, she still resorts to the army crawl though.

In the last few days, Makenna has started pulling up to standing. The first time she did, I was sitting on the floor with her and holding a toy that she wanted. She kept climbing higher and higher to reach it until she had climbed up to standing. The next few time, she just crawled right over to our couch and pulled herself right up! She has also tried standing in her crib, which has lead to tears each time as she falls over and bonks her head on the slats :(

She has an amazing pincher grasp. She gets about 9 out of 10 puffs in her mouth. (Livy waits closely by for that one to drop!) She also uses her pointer finger to "test touch" everything. I am collecting pictures of her doing this. She touches anything that even resemble an eyeball, she loves reaching out to quickly touch her doggy and then pulls her hand back in full giggles, and she has even reached up to stick that finger in the outlet (time to start baby proofing!).

She uses her feet just as much as she uses her hands. She lays on her back and will hold one toy in her hands and then another toy in her feet. Future soccer player?!

She still has just that one tooth, but it is really coming in. She looks so cute cheesing with her snaggle tooth poking out!

She is also eating a ton of finger foods. She still gets purees for breakfast and lunch but at dinner time, she gets little bites of almost all of our food. She loves eating and gets mad if we don't share with her!

Makenna has so much personality and she is definitely a drama queen. She can turn on the tears like that and just as quickly turn them off when she get what she wants! Oh no...she is already training us!