Monday, November 23, 2009

So Funny!!!

Is it wrong that we totally can't stop laughing while watching Makenna get soooo frustrated? All she wants to do is go.go.GO! Hopefully she will learn how to turn soon :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


That is Makenna's middle name these days. Just a couple of days ago, she climbed her first stair. Today, I chased her up and down the entire flight of stairs 527938531578 times. Finally, I had enough and made Mike go buy a baby gate. Makenna, and Livy, are not pleased.

"What the hell is this, guys?"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Double Digits!!!

Holy cow! Makenna is 10 months old!!!

* She is everywhere and into everything! She has two crawling speeds: fast and faster! She carries toys and cheerios in her hand as she crawls down the hallway giggling.

*Makenna is a standing machine. She pulls-up on anything. She is really getting good at cruising along the couch and tables, even letting go a few times to stand no-handed! She has a new walker toy that she is starting to get the hang of, except it moves too fast on the hardwood floors for her to keep up with.

*She waves hello and goodbye. We're trying to teach her to blow kisses now.

*We've heard her say "keeety kaaa" for kitty cat and "doh" for dog. Whenever you ask her where the kitty cat is, she searches the room until she finds Molly hiding out.

*When Makenna is tired or hungry, we hear "maaaaamaaaaa" (in the most whiny voice ever!) and whenever she is playful and happy we hear "dadadada" (in the most high pitched voice ever!).

* Bath time is now in the big tub. While she loves splashing around and playing in the big tub, for some reason, she started to hate having her head rinsed. She got her first shower today and seemed to enjoy that.

* Makenna mimics tons of things. If you blow in her face, she tries to blow back. If you tap on something like a drum, she taps on it too. Her new favorite thing to copy is a cough, she fake coughs all the time now.

*She climbed her first stairs today...time to put up a gate.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Makenna was the CUTEST lil puppy dog EVER!

Pumpkin Carving!

Grandma and Grandpa Shore came over to carve pumpkins in the garage with us! Makenna is a bit of a girly-girl and wasn't into getting her hands dirty with pumpkin guts ;)

More pumpkin patch!

This time we took daddy with us :)