Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 Years Old!

Weight: 31lbs 50%
Height: 37inches 90%

Makenna is energetic, imaginative, chatty, feisty, and demanding. She is very much a mommy's girl but loves going places (grocery shopping, to the mall, to the pet store) with her daddy. Right now, she wants daddy to "shave his stinky mustache".

She loves anything princess or animals.

Only wants to wear dresses.

She still takes daily naps at Crystal's house (daycare), but they are few and far between on the weekends at home with us. Thankfully, she likes to play in her room with her Barbies and all of her little "guys" during "quiet time".

We switched her to a big girl full sized bed. She got all new bedding and room decor that she absolutely loves! If you come over to our house, be prepared to be quickly ushered back to see her room multiple times ;)

Has to have 2 stories read before bedtime and needs 2 cups of cold water in her bed

Makenna is now potty trained for pee pee during the day! She is still wearing a diaper or pull-up at nighttime. We are working on going poop on the potty...she holds it for days and waits to be in a diaper for bed...

Her best friend is Avery. She talks about her constantly and names all of her stuff animals after her. When she draws family pictures, they include mommy, daddy, livy (dog), patches & lg (cats), and Avery. They are in dance class together and enjoy keeping each other distracted but entertained.

Makenna loves babies. She thinks they are the cutest things ever. We are anxious to see how she does with little brother.

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