Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing-----Cooper Michael

12 weeks pregnant

18 weeks pregnant

39 weeks pregnant--Heading to the hospital!

C-section time!

Welcome to the world Cooper! 2.9.12 12:59 pm

7lbs, 9oz, 20inches

Daddy taking care of baby Cooper in the nursery while I get stitched up. We are loving his pouty lip--Just like big sister, Makenna's

All of the guys checking out baby

Mommy getting to hold Cooper for the first time!

Just like that, we are a family of FOUR!

Makenna wasn't too sure about baby brother at first. She said he was cute and she liked his little nose, but wanted to know if he could go back into mommy's tummy...

She warmed up quickly though!

All of my loves!

Nothing is sweeter...

Grandma getting baby snuggles!

We're home!

Grandpa getting snuggles!

Handsome boy!

Great Grammy meeting Cooper!


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